Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have always been a huge fan of food.  Food brings people together and is a huge part of pretty much every culture.  Ever since I was little I have always loved introducing my palate to different cuisines.  I have been to so many restaurants.  Some were amazing and others were awful.  Since I have been in Tallahassee, I have been to a lot of great places to eat.  Some are places that look like they sell quality food and other great places I have to look like disgusting hell holes but I was surprised to find that their food is by far better than most.

7. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Jimmy has always been there for me and you.  When you want to sober up at two in the morning, you have your sober friend drive to Jimmy Johns.  If all your friends are as drunk, or you just do not have any friends, Jimmy will come to you and fast.  I sometimes feel like the delivery guy comes too fast because once I hang up the phone, I immediately get a call telling me that he is here with my sandwich.  Jimmy is not just good when you are drunk. He is good all the time and has never given me a bad sandwich.  My favorite sandwich is the Country Club with no tomatoes, no mayonnaise, and extra cheese.

6. Momo’s Pizza

Momo’s is the first place I had ever eaten at in Tallahassee.  When my parents dropped me off for orientation the summer before my freshmen year at Florida State, some people that I met and I were craving pizza and one of their brothers suggested Momo’s Pizza on Tennessee Street.  Right when we got there we saw a guy walking through the door with a massive pizza box.  When I saw the menu I was amazed at the amount of toppings and the size of each slice of pizza.  Each slice is a meal in its own and they taste amazing.  My favorite is the Big Meat, which a slice of Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, Ground Beef, and Bacon that tastes unbelievable.

5. Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill/ Hiro Frozen Yogurt

When I want some fake Asian food combined with a new frozen yogurt eating experience, I would go to Mr. Roboto and afterwards walk right next door to Hiro.  So many people have told me about Mr. Roboto and their amazing Yum Yum sauce and after my first time eating there, I understand why.  When I first walked in there, I knew that their food is going to be good because it was absolutely packed.  I ordered the General Tso’s chicken, chicken with a sweet sauce, with fried rice and have never had anything else.  The General Tso’s chicken makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  The best part about a meal at Mr. Roboto is that desert is right next door.  Hiro is a frozen yogurt shop where you completely serve yourself.  They also have a great selection of toppings that tops off such a great desert.  My favorite combination of yogurt and toppings is lychee with mango jellies, strawberries, blueberries, and cheesecake.  

4. Chubby’s Chicken Fingers & More

One of the places that do not look like they have good food but does is Chubby’s on Tennessee Street.  My friend and I were so hungry and he was told that Chubby’s is the place to go.  When we drove up this place, I was not impressed.  It was a tiny building with window in the front where you order so I was not setting high standard for this place.  I ordered an Original Chop which consists of chopped chicken fingers with yellow rice, garlic toast, and my choice of sauce which was their wine and cheese sauce.  We sat in the car and dug in right in the parking lot.  I was so wrong about Chubby’s because that chicken combined with the wine and cheese sauce was unbelievable.  Eating their food was a proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover.      

3. Genghis Grill

A new eating experience for me was when I took my girlfriend on a date to Genghis Grill.  I cannot even count two hands how many people told me to go to this place.  When we arrived there we were seated to a table like a normal restaurant but when we were ready to pick our food, we had to get a metal bowl and go to this buffet full of raw meats, vegetable, sauces, and spices.  We got to fill our bowls up with whatever we wanted and when we finished filling them, we brought the bowls to the cooks and we sat down.  In about ten minutes they brought our food over and it was amazing.  The flavor combinations were amazing and there was so much food that I had to take it home.  I cannot even tell what my favorite thing is there because I always get something different and it is always good.

2. Barnacle Bill's

Another restaurant that I had totally underestimated was Barnacle Bill’s on Monroe Street.  My parents took me here before I moved into my dorm.  This restaurant looks like a dump on the inside and outside but the food is unbelievable and they are known for their oysters.  You sit at a bar and you can order buckets of steamed or raw oysters and they shuck them right in front you.  When you are done eating the oyster out of the shell there is a big bin in front of the bar where you throw the empty shells.  I like to get a bucket of oysters that are half steamed and I put a little bit of pepper on them to add some spice.  The place is full red-necks and smells like salt water but the food is excellent.